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The basics of getting lighting right for retail

Lighting is an important aspect of design for any retail space, as it can greatly impact the overall atmosphere and customer experience. Here are some tips for designing lighting in retail spaces:

  1. Use a variety of light sources: A mix of natural light, ambient light, and task lighting can create a well-balanced and welcoming atmosphere. Natural light can be used to highlight specific areas or products, while ambient light can provide a general illumination throughout the space. Task lighting can be used to highlight specific areas or products, such as in a display case or on a product shelf.

  2. Consider the colour temperature of the light: The colour temperature of the light can affect the mood and atmosphere of the space. Warmer colours, such as those in the 2700K-3000K range, can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, while cooler colours, such as those in the 4000K-5000K range, can create a more modern and energetic atmosphere.

  3. Use dimming controls: Dimming controls can be used to adjust the lighting level in the space based on the time of day or the desired atmosphere. For example, the lighting may be brighter during the day when there is natural light present, and dimmer in the evening to create a more intimate atmosphere.

  4. Consider the layout and layout of the space: The layout and layout of the space should be taken into consideration when designing the lighting. For example, lighting should be placed in areas where it will be most effective, such as over display cases or on product shelves. Additionally, the layout of the space can impact the way light is distributed, so it is important to consider the size and shape of the space when designing the lighting.

  5. Use accent lighting: Accent lighting can be used to highlight specific areas or products in the space, drawing the customer's attention and creating a focal point. Accent lighting can be achieved through the use of spotlights, track lighting, or other directional light sources.

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