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DS2 is a multi-disciplinary practice based in Bengaluru, Kochi & Mangalore found in the year 2006 by Ar.Mueen Haris. What started as only a design studio evolved to provide turnkey solutions to bridge the gap between the drawing board and the craft. Their fundamental design principles are driven from the context and client aspirations. All the design propositions are well informed by the place, functionally resolved and aesthetically blended or muted. Hence asserting that the practice is not language driven. They believe that architecture should be more about the spatial experience rather than the visual impact. DS2 disregards the idea of a creative genius. Good architecture can only be achieved by a team of sensible individuals through design, dialogue and discourse.


Our philosophy  

"Functional Empathy" 

Our practice lies at the intersection of architecture, products, and research. Through our works, we constantly questions the very fundamentals of design and user interactions with built spaces and develop methodologies that are frugal, efficient, and sustainable. The fulcrum of our practice lies on the ethos of "Functional empathy", which is the practice of approaching, solving, and rationalizing through profound empathy and seamless functionality. 15 years of our practice, our discipline, our approach and our own design paradigm can be encompassed within the term - "Functional empathy".

Meet the team 

The DS2 family keeps growing with new members adding on to the team regularly, we believe in unity and a fun environment to work.

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M Haris Sait 

Managing Director - MD

With a wealth of experience, a strong business acumen, and profound industry expertise, Haris Sait played a pivotal role in the inception of DS2 Architecture. He consistently serves as the guiding force and unwavering support upon which the entire organization thrives. A buisness vetran with  


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Ar. Mueen Haris 

Founder / Principal Architect 

Mueen Haris, a 2005 graduate in Bachelor of Architecture from the esteemed Vishveshwaraya College of Engineering (UVCE), embodies a profound passion for design and an unyielding drive. He firmly believes that effective space planning should maximize every inch, adhering to the philosophy that 'An inch saved is an inch used wisely.' Mueen possesses an innate eye for detail.

His core philosophy revolves around the notion that design and construction in India pose substantial challenges that demand astute planning. As a tech-savvy individual with extensive industry knowledge, Mueen views DS2 not just as a business but as a close-knit family, nurturing it accordingly.

Mueen's exceptional talent and dedication have earned him numerous accolades and awards for his exemplary designs and meticulous construction detailing.



Afthab Haris Sait 

Chief Financial Officer - CFO

Afthab possesses a natural aptitude for business acumen and negotiation skills, making him an indispensable figure in our organization. He adeptly handles a wide range of responsibilities including procurement, financial management, as well as overall administration and management. 

Afthab's core philosophy centers around effective time management and a strong work ethic, both of which play pivotal roles in ensuring the seamless and efficient operation of our firm.


Our ensemble of architects, designers, engineers, graduates and visualizers is a team of highly skilled and motivated people. They dedicate their efforts to surmount design challenges and engage in collaborative brainstorming sessions, contributing to continuous improvement in our designs and enabling us to formulate optimal plans. Our team works in unity to ensure that the project is completed from beginning to end within the deadline.


Administration & Accounts

Execution Team 

Former associations


3d visualizers

Ar. Abdul Sattar

Ar. Harsha 

Ar. Rahul 

Ar. Shruthi

Ar. Pooja Chavan 

Ar. Hansel 



Administration & Accounts


Misba Naaz

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